Still Moving...

Our move to Nashville is coming along. Our home in GA is on the market, FINALLY, after much ado. We are looking to downsize a bit and buy something smaller in Nashville, but with studio space for the hubbans and me--separately--no sewing allowed in the editing suite. Right now we are so grateful to our friends who let us crash in one of their bedrooms until we find a home.

One of our twins has graduated from college and will be moving to Seattle (read: we will be carting her and her stuff to Seattle) in the near future to ply her trade as a character artist. Our other daughter is currently in Colorado doing her photojournalism thing covering the Warrior Games and will be leaving almost directly after that is over for an underwater diving assignment for 4 weeks in Southeast Asia.  We are really proud of both of them!

So in the meantime, we move boxes and clothes and other pieces/parts of our lives to Nashville bit by bit. The hubbans and I are also getting reacquainted after 9 months in different states. He works, I apply for jobs and keep on working on my work.  Just finished the costume design and build for a show at the Hipp in Gainesville, FL. I have a few snaps, but professional pics will be posted soon in the Gallery!


Lori Gann-Smith