Lori Gann-Smith

        Artist              Designer              Teacher 

I feel that I am a "re-emerging artist" of sorts--finding my way back to my love of stitching and mark making and creating work after pausing in these pursuits for many years while devoting most of my time to my family and to teaching.

I am currently a textile and printmaking artist, clothing, costume and wearable art designer, professor of Art and Fashion Design and a proponent of the slow cloth and DIY movements.

My inspiration for making work is rooted in carrying on the traditions of the groundbreaking feminist textile artists who blazed the trail through the fine art world for work like mine:  Marion Shapiro, Judy Chicago, Yayoi Kusami. I also celebrate the craft of thread and fabric practiced more out of necessity than choice by my many female ancestors.  Their work, however humble and utilitarian, shone with creativity and vision and I honor them through my art.

Trained in textile care by AIC conservator Harold Mailand, I am also the curator and collections manager for the Brenau University Historic Clothing Collection.  I teach and supervise students and hold workshops about clothing and textile care and conservation.

When I am not making art, my husband (who is also an artist) and I  enjoy being outdoors and travel, the culinary arts and making a nest that is comfortable and calm.  We are fortunate to have twin daughters who are out in the world pursuing their dreams and support us in ours.